Milling of Streets

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July 26, 2016

The Village of Depew is preparing to Mill and Pave the following Streets:

  • King Avenue (from Sherwood to George Urban). 
  • Irving Terrace (from Colgate to French)
  • Morris Cir (from Stewart to Irving)
  • Antoinette (from Hanwell to Rehm)
  • Leonard Dr (from Columbia to Eagle)
  • Westfield (from Terrace to Gould)

There are two processes to the project, the first part will start on or about July 28, 2016 and is a cold mill recycling where the top layer of the road is removed; the second process will begin a week or two later and is the replacement of the topcoat (paving). 

Village of Depew Department of Public Works staff will be on site through the entire process and will work with residents, bus drivers, etc, if access to the road is necessary.  During the milling process, residents will have access to their driveways, except for the short period that the milling machine is running in front of their homes. 

There will be no access to the streets on the day that we are topcoating (paving) your street.  We will have road barricades in place while the road is being paved and while it is hardening.  Access will resume once the barricades are removed.

During this entire process, we will be utilizing fire hydrants, which may disturb the main line and discolor the water, if this happens just turn on the cold water tap and let it run till is clears.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation and consideration.  If you have any questions, please contact Public Works at 716-683-5700.