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Electrical and Fire Alarm Department

Location: 113 Brewster St.
Office Hours: Part-Time
Phone Number: (716) 681-3818

George DelConte III, Village Electrician

The Electrical Department is comprised of 5 electricians who maintain all electrical services within village buildings and grounds.

In addition, this department maintains the village’s Municipal Fire Alarm System. This system, which originally dates back to the incorporation of the Village, spans the entire village and alerts police dispatch and the fire department of any incidents or fire alarm activations.

Currently, the fire alarm system contains 101 street boxes, and protects 24 businesses, industries, and schools. Upon activation of a fire alarm box, the sirens in the village are activated, and the alarm box signal is transmitted to the police dispatch desk, all 3 fire stations, and over the fire horns on Transit Road.

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The History of the Fire Alarm Department

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