2014-2015 Adopted Budget .pdf  
2013-2014 Adopted Budget .pdf  
2012-2013 Adopted Budget .pdf  
2011-2012 Adopted Budget .pdf  
2010-2011 Adopted Budget .pdf  
2009-2010 Adopted Budget .pdf  
Financial Statements For Year Ending May 31, 2012 .pdf  
Financial Statements For Year Ending May 31, 2011 .pdf  
Financial Statements For Year Ending May 31, 2010 .pdf  
Financial Statements For Year Ending May 31, 2009 .pdf  
March 9, 2012 MS4 Annual Report .pdf  
March 9, 2013 MS4 Annual Report .pdf  
March 9, 2014 MS4 Annual Report .pdf  
Acknowledgement of Easement on Property .pdf  

Application for Waiver for Certificate of Compliance

Street Light Complaint Forms .pdf  
Building Permit Application .pdf  
Carnival Permit Application .pdf  
Checklist for Building a Garage .pdf  
Checklist for Building a Shed .pdf  
Checklist for Building a Deck .pdf  
Checklist for Installing a Fence .pdf  
Checklist for a Demolition .pdf  
Checklist for holding a garage sale .pdf  
Checklist for Installing a Swimming Pool .pdf  
Checklist for Obtaining Portable Signs .pdf  
Checklist for Business Occupancy License .pdf  
Demolition Requirements Information .pdf  
Worker's Compensation Waiver Form for Owner Occupied Residences .pdf  
Foil Request Form .pdf  
Garage Sale Rules & Regulations .pdf  
Handicap Tag Application .pdf  
Home Occupation Application .pdf  
Junk Dealers and Junk Yard Application .pdf  
Parade Permit Application .pdf  
Plumber Application - Information about renewal .pdf  
Sewer Lateral Replacement Information .pdf  
Snowplow Permit Application .pdf  
Solicitor-Peddler Application - Requirements .pdf  
Shelter Request Form .pdf  
Zoning Board Packet .pdf  
Planning Board Packet .pdf  
SEQR forms link http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/357.html    
Tree Removal Form .pdf  

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