Depew Justice Court
Hon. Gordon Willis, Village Justice
Timothy Dwan, Acting Village Justice
John Dudziak, Village Prosecutor

Headquarters: 85 Manitou Street, 2nd Floor
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 AM—4:30 PM
Telephone: (716) 683-0978
Fax Number: (716) 686-0437

Court is in session at the following times:

  • Monday: beginning at 7:00 PM - VILLAGE PROSECUTOR 1X/MONTH
  • Wednesday: beginning at 9:00 AM - Criminal Court Only

The court does not accept personal checks. Payment of fines can be collected in the form of cash, money order, Mastercard, VISA or Discover Card in the office of the Court Clerk, located on the second floor of the Village Hall.

Effective June 1, 2007, Parking tickets may only be paid in the office of the Court Clerk during normal business hours.

Small Claims Court:

  • Heard once a month on Monday’s—call 683-0978 for schedules
  • Person being sued must live in the Village of Depew
  • Maximum suit: $3,000


Judge Willis does perform wedding ceremonies. Please make sure that you have a marriage license (obtained from a town or city and is good for 60 days)

There is a 24 hour waiting period required after the purchase of the license. Please call 683-0978 to schedule a ceremony.

Depew Municipal Building
85 Manitou Street
Depew, NY 14043